Creating a refreshed brand identity that was both spirted and mature, while speaking to the mission and values of the school. Finally, applying the new branding to a user-friendly website that effectively communicates the services and the value they provide to the students and their families.

Calgary Quest School is a non-profit school that serves students with a wide range of learning and physical disabilities. The school was faced with an outdated website and lack-lustre branding, all of which was a major barrier to reaching the families of potential new students and communicating with their existing community.

I facilitated a Design Sprint where I interviewed a handful of staff members to gain insight into the school. We worked through a variety of excercises designed to gather in-depth information on values, audiences, and the customer journey from begining to end. This information would form the foundations that my web and brand solutions would address.

The school was provided with a brand package that would allow them to maintain the professional appearance of their brand in both digital and printed media. The new website functions as a platform that reaches the families of future students. Additionally, it helped streamline their application process by moving it online, allowing users to seamlessly learn about the school and apply for student placement.


—Design Sprint & Summary

—Brand identity package, including logos, fonts, colours & design elements

—Brand style guide

—Website Copywriting

—Squarespace based website

—User manual and platform training session

— Streamlined online application process

—Detailed descriptions of programs and services

—Digital newsletters, events and updates

—Login areas for parents & board of directors


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