To address gaps in mental health treatment in Alberta by visualizing a complex process with multiple overlapping systems and stakeholders to allow for a better overall understanding of how the system works and find potential leverage pointd for making meaningful change.

The approach for this project began with background research into the existing mental health treatment systems and problems to better inform the direction. Next, I interviewed a variety of subject matter experts who further helped clarify the problem and map the problem. Finally, I synthesized my learnings from the research phase into a variety of sketches and low-fidelity iterations of the system map, that eventually evolved into the final product.

The final product was a visualization of a complex system that identifies key points at which the system of mental health treatment could be improved. This document could be used to inform public opinion and policy surrounding this highly complex and often very personal issue.


— A PDF version of the system map for electronic and print distribution

— A full-scale exhibition w/ interactive data gathering component

— A printed process process booklet showcasing the research & design process

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