Growing up in Calgary, AB, I was drawn to exploring the Rockies, biking by summer and skiing by winter. My passion for extreme sports fostered my ability to dive deep into problems, teaching myself whatever skills I needed to know along the way. I take this same passion into my work as a UX Designer and web specialist, always learning new skills and challenging myself to solve big problems for my clients.

While studying in the Bachelor of Communication - Information Design program at Mount Royal University, I formed a strong foundation in design theory and process. My insatiable curiosity for problem solving, combined with my strong technical and theoretical background make me ideal for any communication design challenge.


Using the Human-Centered Design process, I work to transform complex ideas, processes, and systems into intuitive, simple, and easy to use information products. I create great user experiences by building empathy with the user(s) that I'm designing for; making sense of key insights; identifying design opportunities; testing the designs; and implementing all this knowledge into the final product.


—Web Design

—Visual Identity


—Graphic Design


—Design Sprints

—User Testing

—Information Architecture

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